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8-in-1 Survival Cane

*Shipping from U.S.A. - 5-year warranty included*


The Survival Caneis the ultimate survival tool. Part trekking pole, part saw, part fishing pike, part hammer, and part fire starter. It works great as a simple walking stick or trekking pole with the tools safely concealed inside.

The 8-in-1 Tactical Hiking Stick is made in the USA from P6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum, has a comfortable grip, and is sturdy enough to break glass, concrete, and ice blocks.


Takes off 85% of the bodyweight pressure on the knees and legs!

Size and weight adjustable: To shape the tactical stick, it comes with several attachments that you can bring together. There is also storage space on the tubing to hold other small instruments."Nice part is I can put things in the void holes in mine I added a first aid pouch, fish line and hooks and a couple coffee pouches." -Charlie Galante


Defense: "I keep mine in my car in case of emergencies" - Linda Litzenberg

It comes with a small carrying bag, you can take apart the whole thing and you can stash it in your car if you find yourself in an emergency situation.


Unbreakable Design: Holds up to 264 pounds and It can survive the most demanding hiking and camping trips, it's built from Aircraft grade aluminum and with a textured T-grip handle providing a comfortable, slip-free hold.

5-year warranty: Direct Noble has continuously been able to raise the boundaries of the Survival Staff quality through premium materials & revolutionary innovation. Only canes having successfully passed the most stringent quality control earn the right to reach your hands. Our quest for excellence has allowed us to extend the international warranty to 5 years, on all of our new pieces purchased as of July 1st 2020.

The Survival Staff includes:

5 x Poles / Tube section

1 x Handle

1 x Hammer

1 x Grass sickle

1 x 4-in-1 Saw

1 x Fishing Pike

1 x Magnesium rod

1 x Glass & ice breaker

1 x Anti-Slip Bottom attachment

1 x Carrying Bag